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Here are some jokes and other funny stuff that I have rounded up.

Don't press the red button!

EN Addict videos

Quartermania and Red Barn as Stressors on Campus

Too Much College Exerience


Planet Wally Pranks

Dance whiteboy, dance. Pretty funny video.

Burger change

Is it better to be a jock or a nerd?

Stupid Videos

Captain wins?

Really pissed off...

Kitten Killer


Sipping vodka


31 Truths

The Hole

Bumper Stickers


7 Reasons Not To Mess With Children

Moods of women and men

Why we can't go metric

Children's Books That Didn't Make It

Funny tenant complaints from the UK

The truth about using a Macintosh

How did this happen?

Car security

How I broke the camera

Stupid Cop

Forklift Safety!

Sharp Edged Sign

Camper truck

Ever been stuck in the mud?

A Terrible Hunter

Google search: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Jill's Jokeline

What aliens think of us.

Compfused games, pics, videos, etc.

Analyze your dialect

Phone number trick

Some funny short video clips

Ok, not a joke, but a fun way of finding out if you could be the next 007.

Funny SNL skit about wanted terrorists such as I'Bin Pharteen, Shaif Hirbolls, I-zheet M'Drarz and I'stiqa M'Diqin.

Convert English text to any of several comical dialects. The Dialectizer takes text or other web pages and instantly creates parodies of them!

Some tales of some induhviduals

First picture on the surface of Mars

Women as computer programs

Slang dictionary

30 Ways To Simulate Being In The Navy When You're At Home

The Onion! This is a nice twist on news.

European TV commercial

Canadian West

How to Speak English Properly

Why English is difficult


Why Men are Proud of Themselves

Why it's great to be a man!

Men's English

50 things women can't do

Men and Women

The Difference Between Men and Women

Marriage Jokes

Men vs. women taking showers.

Math Lesson

AT&T Telemarketing

Poor planning

Crazy Cats video

Funny Deep Thoughts

Some miscellaneous jokes

Can you read this?

New state slogans

Some Medical Humor

The Daily Show clip about spam

Arguement list, pretty funny

Human Frame Walker Sim

ASCII Star Wars

Home Mechanic's Tools and Their Uses

Wicker Harley-Davidson

Naughty but clever ad

One angry woman. One can of spray paint. One white car.