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Here are links about ultralights and experimental category aircraft.

Robbie's Ultra-Piet

My favorite Ultralight, Poor Boy Aviation

Click here to join poorboy
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FAA info on amateur-built planes


RagWing Ultralights

Loehle Aircraft

Formerly ISON Aircraft, now JDT

Air-Bike site

Kolb aircraft

Quad City Challenger

Quicksilver Ultralights

RANS aircraft

Flightstar Sportplanes

Ultralight talk radio

Compact Radial and Inline Engines

Rotax Engines

2 Stroke International engines

Half VW engines and the Legal Eagle

The Hummel Bird

Vintage Ultralight and Lightplane Association

Ultralight glider


Fisher Flying Products

Aerodrome Airplanes

Skystar (Kitfox)

Ultralight News

Ultralight Flying! magazine

The Ultralight Home Page

Experimental Aircraft Association

Tennessee Propellor, Inc.

Leading Edge Airfoils

Private Aircraft Works


A list of various ultralights

Evans Aircraft

Light Miniature Aircraft

Rotax engine supplyer

Azusa Engineering

A Mustang site

UltraVair engines

Prop pitch calculator