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Here are some highlights of my flying career.

7-19-00  First time at the controls!  I went to Embry-Riddel Aeronautics University (Prescott,AZ campus) for their Flight Expo.  Got to fly three times while there in Cessna 172's.
9-24-01  First flight at WOSC in Piper Cherokee PA-28-140.
12-1-01  First solo in the Cherokee 140!  Talk about turning an anemic housecat into a fighting tiger, that plane took off a lot quicker without someone else inside.  Conincidently, there was another guy doing his first solo at the same time.  Yeah, our instructors didn't like that a whole lot.
4-10-02  Passed my Private Pilot check ride (second try)!
5-13-02  Checked out in Cessna 150 Aerobat.
9-22-02  First time in a complex aircraft, a Piper Arrow PA-28R-180.
11-30-02  Reached 100 hours total flying time while on a 6.7 hour solo cross-country flight.
5-5-03  Complex sign-off/ checked out  in Piper PA-28R-180 Arrow.
5-27-03  Checked out in Piper PA-28-151 Warrior.
6-9-03  Reached 100 hours of PIC flying time.
8-16-03  Passed Commercial Pilot check ride (first try)!!
8-28-03  First flight at SOSU in Cessna 172R and started instrument flying.
1-14-04  Reached 200 hours of total flight time.
2-25-04  First flight in a "high performance" airplane, a Cessna 182 RG.
4-6-04  High performance sign off.
5-9-04  Passed Instrument Rating  checkride (second try)!
9-24-04  Got my spin training sign-off.  Whew, what a rush!

Spin training

4-8-05  Passed CFI (certified flight instructor) checkride on my first try with an FAA examiner that has a 90% fail rate for first-time applicants!
7-21-05  Passed CFII (certified flight instructor- instrument) checkride on my first try.
11-5-05  Passed multi-engine checkride on my first try. 
2-15-06  Got a CFI job at Western Oklahoma State College.  YAY! I finally get paid to fly!
5-6-06  Finally got some actual instrument time while making 8 instrument approaches at Lawton.  Up to this point, the only time I've ever been in a cloud was while in an airliner.