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Flight trainin aids

Dauntless software

FAA contractions list practice knowledge exams here

NASA explains lift

NASA's Observatorium

Airline travel stats


Aerospace America, the annual airshow at Oklahoma City

Jon Melby- an aerobatic pilot I met at Hobart when he made a fuel stop

FAA Registry, search for airmen and aircraft


Discovery Wings Channel

Proof that airplanes and wildlife don't always mix well

Wings of the North

DeltaHawk diesel aircraft engine

TFR maps

Aviation Safety Reporting System

ASRS Callback

National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Center

U.S. Air Force aircraft fact sheets

How aircraft cabin pressurization systems work

Forward Swept Wings info

John Denker's e-book: See How It Flies

A Physical Description of Lift

NASA aerodynamic simulators

Principles of jet engine operation

The Bootstrap approach

Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics

VOR Navigation Sim

Another VOR navigation sim

Navigation simulators

Flying Dynamics training site

Free practice FAA knowledge tests

Aviation terms glossary

Aircraft Type Certificate Data Sheets

Thirty Thousand Feet Aviation Directory

Live ATC audio feeds

Thunderhorse Aviation

Diamond Aircraft

Commander Aircraft

Tiger Aircraft

Liberty Aircraft

Europa Aircraft

New Piper Aircraft

Four WInds Aircraft

OMF Aircraft

Aviat Aircraft

Brantly Helicopters

Eclipse 500 jet

Adam Aircraft

Safire Aircraft

Avocet Aircraft

Sino Swearingen

Cessna Aircraft, maker of the most famous, sorry plane on the market


Aircraft Engine Historical Society

Pilot Shack

Pilot Journal

Essco Aircraft Manuals and Supplies

The Pilot's Nest

Silent Wings Airshows

Pro Pilot's Rumor Network

Oshkosh Air Venture

Lakeland Sun-n-Fun

Historic Aviation

Atlas Aviation


Stupid Pilot Tricks

Unofficial Controller Glossary

NACO Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

14 CFR Federal Aviation Regulations

AOPA Turbo Medical