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Here are some of my favorite sites.  Check 'em out and see what you think.

Gallery of Fluid Mechanics

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Flight Training

General Aviation Serving America

Hubble Space Telescope pictures

Interesting aviation clips and stories

Lots of short in-flight videos

UK airshow site

Flying Magazine a huge database of aircraft pics

Embry-Riddle collection of hand-carved model planes

Quotations and quips about flying

Joe Cambell's airplane stuff

Planenews Aviation News Portal

Aero-News Network

Aviation Week's Aviation Now

Navy almanac of sunrise, sunset, etc.

Aero News Network

CIA Factbook

Rising Up Aviation Resources


Scaled Composites

Airplane Blueprints

Chuck Yeager's site

Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum pics

Jennifer's Site

First Flight Centennial

Pilot Mall

Pilot Wear

Labusch Skywear

Rocky Smith Productions. He has some nice T-shirts!

Addicting Games

Model jet site

Another model jet site

Vid of the Red Bull Air Race in Budapest, Hungary

Red Bull Air Race homepage