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3D R/C info

Blain Austin 3D flying tips

Tips and tech info

An R/C C-17, The Big Grey Cloud!

The Big Grey Cloud's second address

A kickin' R/C video

A big R/C B-52

The Large Model Association

The Large Model Association's construction page

Novel Model Aircraft

Aerodynamics for Model Aircraft

R/C Aircraft Proving Grounds aerobatic maneuvers list

Moorman Aircraft Works

Aerobatic maneuvers

Some more maneuvers

SPAD design paramaters

A lot of R/C paramaters calculators

Academy of Model Aeronautics

AMA club locator

Model Airplane News

R/C Warbirds

R/C Universe

Sport Aviator e-zine

Tower Hobbies

Horizon Hobby


FMS: a great shareware R/C airplane simulator

R/C Groups Discussion Board

R/C Groups Photo Gallery

R/C Report Magazine

R/C Power Magazine

Practical R/C Model Design

DJ Aerotech Design

CG locator program

Excel sheet used to determine R/C prop thrust

Model airplane prop thrust program

Model airplane aerodynamics

History and photos of Cox glow engines

Barry's model aircraft page

A R/C site

Dave McD's World of R/C

SPAD- Simple Plastic Airplane Designs

SPAD tips and tricks

SPAD world

SPAD plans index


R/C Tips and Hints

Best R/C


Getting Started in R/C

R/C Super Store

R/C Combat


R/C videos!

A SPAD site

O.S. Engines FAQ

Rotating Cylinder Valve engines

Erickson Migrating Combustion Chamber Engine

Wankel Rotary Engine

Another odd engine, the Quasiturbine (although not for R/C)

Nitro R/C

Wacker Engine Conversions

CH Ignitions

R/C battery clinic

R/C Landing

Profili airfoil program

Servo torque calculator

R/C Ezine

Glow plug selection guide