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My R/C flying history
Monday, 3 May 2004
8th flight 5-3-04
I went back to Steve's, took Alan along this time. Today was really nice for flying. No clouds, light wind, and mowed grass, pretty much perfect. Steve flew 'Whuzat' again. I'm still impressed with it. I can't get over how much better the four-stroke sounds compared to my two-stroke engine.
I took Susie up again and had a good flight. On one of my low passes, I noticed that the nose gear was bent back even further than before. So I decided I should try bending it back and turning it around so that the spring coil would flex in the correct direction after I got it back on the ground. (The gear being backwards probably made it a little easier to get all those prop strikes I've had in the past because it was easy to bend backwards.) Since I wasn't able to land the last time I was there, I wondered if I would be able to this time. I tried a couple of times of coming over the power lines then descending, which allowed me to be lined up with the wind better. And like before, it didn't work well. So Steve suggested that I land at an angle so that I can fly around the last pole so that I can have a better final approach. I tried that out with a couple of low approaches, and decided I should go for a landing. That turned out to be one of my smoothest approaches I've made. So yeah, I was happy.
While Steve flew his plane again, I worked on that nose gear. I now have it straight, and turned the correct direction, so it shouldn't bend as easily anymore. I flew again and had a good flight. The landing went well until after I was on the ground. I'm assuming it was because of the crosswind, but my plane tipped over onto two wheels and a wingtip. That showed an advantage to flying on a grass strip: you don't mess up the prop very easily. Yep, another nice day of flying.

Posted by globemaster3c17 at 9:00 PM CDT

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