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My R/C flying history
Monday, 3 May 2004
7th flight, 4-19-04 (I think)
I went to Steve's house to meet him for the first time. He showed me his shop and his planes. He's got five, all but one are profile. The biggest is currently under construction. One that got my interest a bit is a SPAD. I've been on a SPAD kick lately, so it was nice to get to see one up close again. He didn't fly that one, but he flew another (called 'Whuzat') that he took plans for a smaller plane and scaled them up so he could use an O.S. 70 four-stroke in. He put on a pretty nice show. But what do you expect from a guy that has been an R/C pilot longer than I've been alive.
He has a computer radio, so he can mix channels. This made it possible for him to mix the ailerons with the elevator, so that they moved in oposite directions. The result: really tight loops, and fast pitch changes. The plane also has a lot of wing area, and large control surfaces with lots of throw, so he could hang around with hardly no airspeed.
After he landed, I started mine up. Since the grass was a bit long, I couldn't take off on my first try. But I was good to go on the second run. It was a pretty good day to fly, 10 knot or so wind out of the south. It was a bit tricky for me to try to land due to obstacles. On one end there are power lines and trees, and on the other, a building and a few other items. If I was really sharp at landing, I could have landed, but I'm not that good. After clearing the power lines, I would always end up going too fast when I got really low. One nice thing about having an experienced R/C pilot standing next to you is that you can hand over the controls to him, and your plane comes back to Earth safely.
After that, it started raining a little bit, so we just stood around and chatted for a while. Steve is a really nice guy, so it was really nice getting to meet him.

Posted by globemaster3c17 at 8:40 PM CDT

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