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My R/C flying history
Wednesday, 14 April 2004
6th flight 4-14-04
After a month of not flying, I had the time to fly and decent weather. The wind was a bit of a trick. It was coming from about the worst direction possible for my flying location. When I was on the taxiway next to the hangar, the wind was at a reduced speed, but turbulent since it was going around and over the buildings. When I was on the other taxiway, I had a good crosswind.
Before giving it much thought after getting the engine running good, I opened the throttle and took off. I flew around a bit trying to get comfortable with the controls again. I did that a little too long, and by the time I decided I should try landing, I was past my normal flight time. After making a few failed attempts at landing, I ran out of fuel. Luckily, I was at a decent attitude and possition over the taxiway. I was kinna scared that I would mess up the landing, since it was a little hard to keep it tracking straight with the crosswind. I ended up making an okay touchdown.
After refueling, I tried it again. This time I didn't wait quite so long before landing. The wind made flying kinna interesting. At about half throttle, if I was heading south, the plane was barely moving. But as soon as I turned north, it picked up a lot of groundspeed. That made for some odd-looking turns. I also tried some loops and barrel rolls. I could get a loop to work out somewhat good, but I couldn't get the rolls to keep from dropping when it was inverted.
Mark had his digital camera with him, and so I made some passes so that he could get some video clips. A lot of them were too far away to see well, but one was kinna neat. I was at a high altitude, and I flew the plane directly over us then turned. It looks kinna funny on the video, since Mark had to move around weird to keep the plane in sight for the turn.
After getting low on the third tank of fuel, I had a few near crashes while trying to land. When I did get to land, I had a light prop-strike. After fueling up, I tried it again, and had another prop-strike. So I figured it was time to call it quits, and it was getting dark anyhow.
It was nice to get my plane back in the air. Although I had a couple bad landings, I did have a couple good ones. All in all, it was a good flying day.

Posted by globemaster3c17 at 10:25 PM CDT

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