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My R/C flying history
Monday, 23 February 2004
Second flight, first landing
On 2-21-04, I rounded up Alan and David and we went back to the airport for some more flying. It was a really good day for it. The wind was calm most of the time, but it did pick up a little bit on occassion. The only thing that could be considered a problem is the fact that several planes were taking off and landing, so we had to keep an eye out for them all the time.
Alan took off and flew for a few minutes to check everything out again, and to see which direction would be the best to use for landing. He didn't have a good landing this time though. He misjudged the planes location over the ground just before touchdown, and he ended up landing in the grass about two feet from the concrete. Since this isn't a golf course, the grass was a bit on the tall side, so Susie went up on her nose and stayed there. Luckily, all it did was kill the engine. I topped off the tank, started it up, and took off. I flew around a bit, just trying to get a little more comfortable with the controls. I was set on making a landing, so I made a few low approaches to try to get a handle on how to set up the approach. I think my main problem was coming in high and fast.
I decided that I had a decent enough feel for the approach to make a landing. I ended up landing quite a bit long, and I went around to go for another landing. I landed long again, but made this one a full stop so I could get some more fuel. After that, I taxied all the way down to the far end of my runway. I can't remember if it was this takeoff, or while climbing out from one of my low approaches, but I got a lot closer to hitting the hangar than I liked. Anyway, I heading for the hangar, but I pulled up and made it climb over the hangar, and turned back towards the open area. That got my adrenaline pumping for sure. After a few more trips around the patch, I let Alan take it so that I could check the time since I had to go to work pretty soon. Alan tried out some aerobatics. On the first flying day, he tried a barrel roll, but it didn't come out very good (I have a trainer, not an aerobat). But today, he was able to make a pretty nice one. He also performed a pretty nice loop. After I had the controls again, I tried a barrel roll, and it worked out OK. As was my standard for the day, I made another landing that was a lot closer to me that I wanted, but I was able to get it slowed down before I ran out of runway.
I now feel pretty confident in my ability to fly my plane, but I really think I will have Alan with me at least the next time or two before I will fly without an experienced R/C pilot with me.

Posted by globemaster3c17 at 1:38 PM CST

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