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Flying Cirkus Lingo
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Aunt Jemima
1. Re-kit pancake style.
2. A pull-out that ends too low, resulting in the plane's pancaking.  The magnitude of the damage determines whether it is classified as a short or a tall stack.
Community service
The act of helping a friend retrieve the debris from a "yard sale."
What happens when you're in a torque roll and the motor drops out, so your fuse ends up taking on the accordion shape of a squashed tin can.  This maneuver is best left fro the end of a freestyle routine.
Depth charge
From high-speed inverted flight, the pilot performs a double positive snapasaurus resulting in rapid deceleration and ending in a low-altitude, upright harrier.
Huck it
To throw the plane around on the deck.  It usually involves flying out of your comfort zone.  Possible uses: "He hucked it on the deck," which means: "He did an extremely low torque roll."
O.P.P. (Other Peoples' Planes)
Usually uttered incredulously by other pilots when a friend offers you a fligh on his plane and you proceed to fly with total abandon and blatant disregard, since you didn't build it!
A byproduct of a mistake made by one of two pilots hovering in formation when one finds himself in the propwash of the other plane.  The radical loss of thrust can lead to an Aunt Jemima or a compactor.
This is a 3D snap that's entered from high speed with high throttle.  Audible ripping of the air by the wings is heard over the engine noise.  "This is a maneuver that separates the wings from the plane!"
Yard sale
The results of a high-energy crash that totals the airframe and scatters debris over a large area (also see 50-grit pass).
50-grit pass
A knife-edge or inverted pass that's low enough to leave some MonoKote, balsa or foam on an asphalt runway.  On a grass runway, this is also known as a cartwheel.