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Some more 3D maneuvers
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The Moonwalk: Flying the airplane backwards while in a horizontal line.

Suicide Slide
The Suicide Slide: Bringing the airplane down a vertical down line in a knife-edge. A Elevator in Knife edge.

The Pogo: Similar to a hover, however making the airplane increase and decrease altitude while in a hover. Controlable tail slide is important with a Pogo.

Tail Slide
The Tail Slide: Flying the airplane backwards while in a vertical line.

The Harrier: Flying the airplane with a very high angle of attack. Very little forward movement. Can be performed up right or inverted and also landing is possible from a Harrier. From Parachute to Elevator to Harrier.

Knife Edge Hover
The Knife Edge Hover: Similar to a hover, however while in a knife-edge position with no forward movement.

Toilet Bowl
The Toilet Bowl: Similar to a waterfall, however on a horizontal line. From a knife-edge, the aircraft flips end over end on the horizontal line and continues to fly in orignal direction.

The Blender: While rolling in a vertical downline, slamming the airplane into an inverted flat spin. Good test of wing bolts.

The Elevator: Dropping the airplane vertically with little to no forward movement. The airplane looks as it is falling out of the sky while maintaining the wings level. Also can be performed inverted.

Tick Tock
The Tick Tock: Rotating the airplane 180 degrees to inverted then 180 degrees back to up right as the plane falls vertically. Also can be performed the other way around.

The Parachute.
Parachute: A wall from a vertical down line. Can be done up-right or inverted. You transfer from a Wall to an Elevator and bring the plane straight down.

The Wall.
Wall or Pop-Up: From straight level flight, the plane rotates 90 degrees to a vertical position and comes to a sudden stop. Go from a Wall to a Hover or Torque Roll.

The Waterfall: From a hover, the plane flip end over end. Normally done pushing down elevator and modulating throttle to control.

The Hover.
Hover or hovering: Holding the plane in a stationary vertical position with out it torque rolling.

Torque Rolling
The Torque Roll: Holding the plane in a stationary vertical position while the torque of the motor, rotates the plane around the motor. The roll is to the left. You can also, TR down the field allowing the plane to rotate and go with the wind.