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   After seeing Tank's Four-Star with a aluminum spinner nut instead of a regular plastic spinner, I decided it would be good to put one on my plane.  Yeah, it doesn't look quite the same anymore, but that is one less problem now.  Since I can never start the engine without having the starter slip on the spinner at least once, there was a pretty good size groove burned into my plastic spinner, although you can't see it very well in the pic.  It also took some time to change the prop.   You had to remove the two screws that held the spinner cone on, then take the prop nut off, then remove the prop.  When you put another prop on, it was always really tricky getting it to stay in place against the back-plate of the spinner so that the prop would line up with the holes in the cone.  Now all I have to do is slide the prop onto the crankshaft, srew the spinner nut on and tighten it with a screwdriver that fits through the hole in the spinner nut.  There is nothing to line up, and you can't burn a groove into aluminum with rubber.
   I also added a fuel filter that I had to reduce the possibilty of some foreign material getting into my engine.



  I'm getting tired of the biggest downside to flying a glow-powered model: cleaning my plane after flying.  I also got scared that fuel would get past the wing saddle and mess up the wood in there.  So I made a simple modification to remedy this problem.  I found some rubber hose that fit onto the exhaust, pushed a T-pin into the fuse, and zip-tied the hose to the T-pin so that it wouldn't flop around much.  That took care of a lot (but not all) of the cleaning.
  I added the yellow on the wing's leading edge after repairing dents put in it by a tree.  I think it looks a little nicer and it mainly helps out in the visibility department.